Why Choose an ISO 14155-Compliant Medical Device CRO?

December 3, 2023

In the challenging field of medical device development, particularly under the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR), selecting the right Contract Research Organization (CRO) is pivotal. A crucial aspect often overlooked is the CRO’s adherence to ISO 14155, the international standard for good clinical practice in clinical trials, which becomes even more significant in light of the MDR’s stringent requirements.

Why ISO 14155 Matters in the Context of MDR

ISO 14155, established by the International Organization for Standardization, provides a comprehensive framework for conducting clinical investigations with high ethical and scientific standards, aligning closely with the principles of the MDR. Adherence to ISO 14155 helps compliance with MDR, especially for clinical investigations, by emphasizing the protection of subjects, ensuring data integrity, and maintaining the quality and validity of research findings.

Benefits of Choosing an ISO 14155 CRO for MDR Clinical Investigations

  • Enhanced Quality and Reliability of Clinical Data: Adhering to ISO 14155 ensures that CROs implement quality control measures and data management practices that align with MDR requirements, leading to more reliable and trustworthy research findings.
  • Reduced Regulatory Risks and Delays: A CRO with ISO 14155 certification is well-equipped to navigate the MDR landscape, minimizing the risk of non-compliance, which is critical for timely and successful clinical investigations.
  • Improved Patient Safety: In line with MDR’s focus on patient safety, ISO 14155-compliant CROs prioritize participant well-being, implementing robust risk management and ethical guidelines.
  • Global Recognition in the MDR Era: ISO 14155 certification holds significant weight under the MDR, enhancing a CRO’s reputation for commitment to quality and compliance.
  • MDR-Specific Expertise and Experience: CROs compliant with ISO 14155 bring valuable insights and experience in conducting clinical trials that meet both ISO and MDR standards, offering expert guidance throughout the development process.


In the medical device sector, especially under the EU Medical Device Regulation, partnering with a CRO that is compliant with ISO 14155 is a strategic decision for success. MDx, as a CRO adept in both ISO 14155 and MDR requirements, offers a comprehensive approach to ensure patient safety, data integrity, and regulatory compliance. This makes MDx an excellent choice for manufacturers aiming to meet the high standards of the MDR and succeed in the competitive medical device market.

Why Choose MDx as Your Medical Device CRO Partner for ISO 14155 Compliance

MDx stands out as a preferred partner for manufacturers and sponsors in the MDR-regulated environment. Our compliance with ISO 14155 ensures that we are not only aligned with international standards but also adept at navigating the specific requirements of the MDR for clinical investigations. Our team offers:

  • MDR and ISO 14155 Expertise: Ensuring that your clinical trials meet all regulatory requirements for safety and efficacy.
  • Commitment to Quality and Integrity: Prioritizing the quality of clinical data, which is essential under the MDR.
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective Solutions: Streamlining the development process to comply with MDR, reducing delays and costs.
  • Global Recognition and Network: Enhancing the credibility of your product in the global market, a key aspect in the MDR era.

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